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The Passionate Pilgrim

The Passionate Pilgrim, a tiny volume containing 20 sonnets and song lyrics, was attributed to Shakespeare on publication in late 1598 or 1599. It is a mix of five poems by Shakespeare (two of the sonnets, and three lyrics from Love's Labour's Lost), some by others and some of uncertain authorship.

Click here to read an annotated copy of The Passionate Pilgrim (PDF)

A Lover's Complaint

A Lover's Complaint was published with Shakespeare's sonnets and attributed to Shakespeare but his authorship has often been doubted, and recent scholarship (notably Brian Vickers, Shakespeare, 'A Lover's Complaint' and John Davies of Hereford, 2007) has devastated the claim to Shakespearean authenticity and made a strong case for the authorship of John Davies of Hereford (1565?-1618), an admirer and imitator of Shakespeare.

Click here to read an annotated copy of A Lover's Complaint (PDF)

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